By Augusta Ann Norton Huntsman

I was born in Nephi, Jaub County, Utah on the 22nd of February, 1871. My father was Isaac Norton and my mother was Sarah Jane Cummings. I lived the early years of my life in Nephi. When I was ten years old we moved to Grass Valley, Utah. I helped my father with the sugar cane as that is what we grew on the farm. This is where I met my future husband although I didn't know it at the time. We went to school together and had our fights and quarrels as all kids do.

We next moved to Cainsville, Wayne, Utah. I met Elmer Huntsman again and we did our courting over the molasses vat, and I can tell you one batch I remember was badly burned. I also rode twenty miles one night on a mule with my boy-friend to attend a dance. Elmer and I were married 10th of June, 1891 by the Bishop of our Ward, Bishop Henry Giles. We were married at the Home of my parents. We made our home in Cainsville for about five years. Two babies came to our home here. The first one was brought into the world without even a doctor, as there wasn't one within 60 miles of our home. We named him Evon Wesley. He was born on 21st of March, 1892. The second one came in January during a rain storm and as we had moved into a house that wasn't finished, they had to throw a canvas over the roof to keep the rain out. We named her Oreta. She was born 16th of July, 1895. When Oreta was still just a baby we went to the Manti Temple and had our work done and our children sealed to us. It took us three days each way by wagon.

Our next move was to Annabella, Sevier County, Utah. While we lived here, I held the position of First Counselor in the Primary, for three years. Four babies were born to us here and we lost a little girl. We named these babies Leona ( she died in infancy ), Vernard, Delos and Delta. Elmer also had poor health while we were here. After a time he began to improve and went to Sunnyside to work in the mines. While he was there he had appendicitis. I took the five children and went to see him. The day he was leaving for Salt Lake City to be operated on, we received word our house and belongings had burned. I took a house in Huntington and stayed there with the children while Elmer went on to Salt Lake City. While I was staying here, I got word that some of my people were going to Idaho. They stopped in Salt Lake City to see Elmer and he said that if his wife and children were there, he would go with them. The folks waited for me and the children and twenty four of us came to Idaho in three covered wagons. We arrived here on the third of June. We came and looked over the place we now live on. Elmer worked for his nephew all summer to make the first payment on the place. We lived in a tent from June to January. We then moved in a house near our farm. The house didn't have a foundation under it and we nearly froze that winter. We had to put our quilts on the floor to walk on.

Jasper Hammer was Bishop of our new ward ( Woodville ) with Samuel Hurst and Michael Hammer as Counselors when we moved here.00.0 They offered assistance to us and were very kind, and we managed through the winter. Three years after we came here, I was put in as Primary President with Laura Bartlett and Mary Owens as Counselors. I was President for four years and when released from this job, I was put in as District teacher in the ward. I have served in every District except the Project. I have been a teacher every since, except the two years I was a Counselor in the Relief Society. I was also Relief Society Chorister several times.

Front Row L to R: Elmer Ames Huntsman, Lenard Glenore Huntsman, Augusta Norton Huntsman, Zalia Huntsman
Second Row: Evon Wesley Huntsman, Vernard Huntsman, Elmer Delos Huntsman
Third Row: Oretta Huntsman, Delta Huntsman

We had three more children after coming to Idaho, Voil Duain, Zaila and Lenard. We lost Duain in early childhood. It was when Zalia was a baby that we witnessed a miracle that we shall ever be grateful for. I took her to Sunday School one Sunday when she was just learning to walk. I stood her by the bench and she didn't seem to have any control of her limbs at all. We couldn't imagine what was wrong. When we got home from Sunday School she was almost paralyzed all over. She continually got worse and we took her to Stake Conference over to Shelley and I believed if we took her over and had her administered to she would be better, so we took her over to President Shelley's home and Apostle David O. McKay administered to her. Before he did, he felt all over her limbs and said, " this child shall not be a cripple." From that day on she began to improve. This was surely a miracle and a faith promoting incident in our lives and we shall ever be grateful to our Father in Heaven and also for the faith and prayers of the people of the Ward.

We have sent three of our sons on a mission and while one of them was gone our house burnt down again. But we built it again and are still living in it.

I will be seventy four (1945) the 22nd of this month. I have lived a long, eventful life. Even though we have had sorrow and disappointment, I think these things have helped enrich our lives and throughout it all, we have gained a wonderful testimony of Jesus Christ.

NOTE: Augusta Ann Norton Huntsman spent many days in the Temple in Idaho Falls, Idaho, being instrument in performing over 3,000 Endowments. Her last conscious day was spent in the Temple with her husband where she had a slight stroke. She died three days later at her home in Woodville, Bonneville, Idaho on the 17 of August, 1957.


Family reunion at the Elmer A. Huntsman home in Woodville, Idaho.


First Row: Newel Huntsman, Kent Adamson, Deona Huntsman, Zoy Adamson, Lorrain Huntsman, Ivon Huntsman

Second Row: Vernard Huntsman, Reed Huntsman, Boyd Huntsman, Bessie Huntsman, Donald Huntsman

Third Row: unkown, Mildred Huntsman, Lareah Huntsman, unknown, Elmer A. Huntsman, Martha Gifford Huntsman, Evon W. Huntsman, Augusta Norton Huntsman, Benjamin Norton, Esther Norton

In Background: Grace Montauge Huntsman, Lenord Huntsman, Zailia Huntsman Emmett, Bertha Huntsman Adamson, Delila Huntsman Nelson , Evelyn Ballmforth Huntsman