Lest We Forget
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A compilation of personal histories from the Huntsman, Gifford, Clements, Hale, Norton, and Ames families. Also included are a history of Woodville, Idaho, and the Idaho upper Snake River Basin.


History 'pdf' download History 'pdf' download
My Story Lest I Forget: By Evon Wesley Huntsman evonw.pdf Norton History: John Warren Norton, Dorothy Osborn Norton, Isaac Norton, and Sarah Jane Cummings Norton norton.pdf
The Story of My Life: By Elnora Gifford Huntsman elnora.pdf Life of James Huntsman Jr. and Isaiah Huntsman Sr. huntsman.pdf
Elmer Ames Huntsman: Autobiography elmera.pdf Ira Ames' Journal iraames.pdf
My Story: By Augusta Ann Norton Huntsman augusta.pdf Life History of Elmer Delos Huntsman delos.pdf
My Story Lest I Forget: By George Washington Gifford georgew.pdf Life History of Anona Shumway Huntsman anona.pdf
George Washington and Louisa Hale Gifford: By Martha Gifford Huntsman g_l.pdf My History: Oreta Huntsman Hammer Child oreta.pdf
Alpheus Gifford his son Henry Dill Gifford and his son GeorgeWashington Gifford: Men of Courage gifford.pdf History of Woodville, Idaho woodville.pdf
To these our Progenitors: Albert Clements, Aidah Winchell Clements, James Hale, Lucy Clements Hale, and Louisa Hale Gifford clements.pdf Idaho's Upper Snake River Basin idahofalls.pdf
Geoge Alvin Gifford gagiff.pdf Florence Ellen Chaffin Gifford flogiff.pdf
Moses Gifford moses.pdf Samuel K. Gifford Journal samuelk.pdf
Seviah Cunningham Egbert Huntsman seviah.pdf Vernard Huntsman  vernard.pdf
Grace Montague  grace.pdf Huntsman's Back East  backeast.pdf
Huntsman's in Fillmore   fillmore.pdf    


No book is entirely perfect,

For errors will creep in;

Sometimes wrong information is sent

By someone's Nearest Kin.


And even printers make mistakes

For which they tear their hair;

Sometime two people disagree

On who or when or where.


It might have been the person

Who wrote the history:

It might have been the computer dude

So Blame can fall on me.


So if your dead before your born

Or married when your three;

Or I've omitted anyone

Who sent themselves to me.


Or your last name is not your own,

Your picture not too good,

I ask you--Please forgive me--

I did the best I could!